We are an R&D company operating out of Hungary and the UK. We develop a new family of drive technologies that we market through licensing and partnership agreements, and small-scale production. We target all markets globally.


In our patented technology, power is transmitted via a series of rollers that carry out pure rolling motion. Energy efficiency is close to 100%, there is no back-lash and the contact factor is very high. The design is very flexible.

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shafts crossing: no
shaft angle: 90
gearing ratio: 1:10
roller type: ball
roller diameter: 4mm
contact factor:12

The technology can be used universally for all drive applications, including any shaft angles and arrangements, internal or external coupling, and any planetary and gear rack set-ups. All are highly competitive alternatives to conventional products.


Our customers include gear manufacturers who gain access to a unique technology, OEMs who get a better product, and end users who enjoy superior performance and benefits such as low operating costs, precise movements, small size, long lifetime and great reliability.


We provide tailor-made as well as standard solutions to customers. We offer analysis, design and advisory, prototypes manufacture and small-scale production, as well as production outsourcing advisory. We invite customers to participate in our Trial Programme.


The technology is applicable in all industries and markets where gearing and power transmission are used. This is a market of about $100 billion that includes all vehicles, and also cranes, lifts, conveyors and escalators, machine tools, pumps, mills and windfarms, and many others.