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What We Do

Product Development 

We develop a new family of gearing and power transmission technologies and industrial applications based on our fundamentally new, patent-protected roller gearing mechanism and several years of accumulated know-how.   Product development includes the entire cycle from basic theoretical research to production analysis and advisory as follows. 

  • Theoretical and experimental research and development including

o  Mathematical specifications and modelling
o  Computer aided design (ProEngineer)
o  Computer simulations and modelling
o  Experimental realisation and testing of the model and the design
  • Prototype manufacture and testing

o  Design and build prototypes
o  Build tester equipment
o  Test, modify and re-test prototypes
  • Applications development

o  Design and build applications
o  Build tester equipment
o  Test, modify and re-test applications
  • Production analysis and advisory

o  Production systems specifications and design
o  Control, expandability and scalability analysis
o  Production advisory

Services to Our Customers  

We market the technology to customers through licensing and partnership agreements and we also have the facilities and the necessary equipment and know-how as well as a network of suppliers to offer prototype manufacture and small-scale production.   

We offer to our customers standard as well as tailor-made customer-specific solutions to solve their problems. Our services span the entire range from analysis and advisory to technology transfer and production. In particular, our services include


  • Specification and analysis
  • Avisory and design
  • Prototype manufacture and testing
  • Applications manufacture and testing
  • Production advisory and outsourcing
  • Technology licensing
  • Small-scale production