Our Customer Base   

Our customer base can be divided into three main categories

  • Gear Manufacturers (GMs)
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • End Product Users (EPUs)


Benefits to Our Customers

Benefits to GMs include mainly the access to a unique technology enabling them to produce a competitive, differentiated and high-margined product that offers benefits to their customers as outlined below. All this with minimal investment in development and risk.  

Benefits to OEMs (customers of GM's) include mainly the access to a unique product with superior performance capabilities. This will enable OEMs to increase the differentiation and the value added of their own product in the market and ultimately increase its profitability.  

Benefits to EPUs (customers of gear OEM's) include essentially all the benefits that roller gears offer including as mentioned above savings on energy and other operating costs due to very small friction and high energy efficiency, precise movements due to no back-lash, greater reliability due to higher engagement factor, and also longer lifetime, lower noise, smaller size.