Our Main Industries and Markets

We have seen before that due to the fundamental nature of the inventive idea the variety of the design applications for the roller gearing mechanism is extremely broad and covers practically the entire area of the currently existing market for conventional gears and transmissions and drives, and perhaps even more. Similarly, since gears and transmissions and drives are essential parts of practically all machines with moving parts the roller gearing mechanism is of fundamental importance for all machines with moving parts and in all the industries where machines with moving parts are applicable.   

Obviously, this is an extremely large market with an estimated size of over EUR 200 billion.    

For the sake of illustration, we listed some of the most important industries and markets where roller gears and power transmissions are applicable. These include

  • Cement, stone and ore industries

Grinding machines, rolling mills, presses, separators, mixers, elevators etc
  • Chemical and environmental industries

Agitators, mixers, pumps and compressors, cooling towers, dryers, turbines, aerators and thickeners in sewage treatment etc.
  • Electric power generation

Wind, gas, coal, oil, water and nuclear power generators etc.
  • Food and agri industries

Cutters, feeders, mixers, harvesters, combines, sewage treatment machinery etc.
  • Machine tools industries

Table movers, rotators, dividers, gear racks, spindle drives etc.
  • Materials handling machines

Various kind of cranes, lifts, hoisters, elevators, escalators, excavators, conveyors, ropeways, factory assembly lines etc.
  • Mining industries

Excavators, conveyors, lifters, hoisters etc.
  • Paper, packaging and printing machines

Cutters, feeders, dryers etc.
  • Plastics and rubber industries

Extruders etc.
  • Steel and iron industries

Conveyors, elevators, metal working machinery etc.
  • Sugar industries

Cutters, feeders, shredders, mills etc.
  • Textile industries

Cutters, feeders, dryers, spinning machines etc.
  • Vehicles

Cars, motorbikes, bicycles: gearboxes, steering gears, differential gears etc.

Trucks and special purpose vehicles: gearboxes, steering gears, differential gears etc.

Railway vehicles such as trams, locomotives, regional railways, metro-underground etc.

Ships and boats: gearboxes, generators, dredger drives etc.

  • Wood and forestry industries

Special purpose vehicles, cranes, conveyors etc.