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Our Services

Our services to our customers are centred around our primary business of R&D and technology transfer of the roller gearing and transmission technology through licensing and partnership agreements. This can take place in various ways such as direct sale of licenses to our customers in the simplest case or creating joint ventures with our customers to develop specific applications in collaboration in other cases.  

In addition, we also have the production facilities and the necessary equipment and know-how as well as a network of suppliers to offer to our customers prototype manufacture and small-scale production and testing of roller gears, transmissions and drives.     

We offer to our customers standard as well as tailor-made customer-specific solutions to solve their problems. Our services span the entire range from analysis and advisory to technology transfer and production. In particular, our services include  

  • Specification and analysis
  • Advisory and design
  • Prototype manufacture and testing
  • Applications manufacture and testing
  • Production advisory and outsourcing
  • Technology licensing
  • Small-scale production