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Our History

Focused R&D of the roller gearing and transmission mechanism was started in 2005. 

After setting up the theoretical foundations of the technology various plastic models and aluminium prototypes have been produced in 2006 and 2007 that proved that the mechanism works well kinematically.   

Following further developments three steel prototypes have been made and tested in 2008 and 2009. The test results have shown among other things that the energy efficiency of the mechanism is close to 100%, back-lash can be eliminated simple and easy, and the movement is smooth and steady.   

With the proof of the concept at hand and a sizeable amount of technical data available we began to promote our technology in the market and made our first customer contacts in 2009. Since then our customer network grew tremendously and by now we have developed a relatively strong name and visibility in the market.   

We have so far carried out about 60 customer design projects on customer request and had about 200 meetings with prospective customers' executives and R&D managers. We have built up a customer network of about 1300 companies and developed strong relationships. We finished 6 customer prototype projects so far and sold one licence.

In our customer network, a large variety of industries are involved including autos and trucks, aviation, bicycles and motorcycles, general bearings and ball screws, construction and mining, industrial gears and drives, machine tools, railways, watches and wind turbines.   

We have been constantly running several customer prototype test projects past few years and have always had a healthy pipeline of new ones. We expect the number of new test projects and sold technology licences to increase exponentially next few years.