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Main Advantages of the Technology  

Our patented roller gearing and power transmission technology offers major advantages compared to currently existing conventional gearing and transmission technologies. These include

  • No sliding friction but rolling friction only resulting in

o  Close to 100% efficiency in energy economy
o  Close to zero energy losses
o  Lower operating costs
o  Reduced heating and abrasion
o  Less cooling and lubrication needed
o  Less wear and deterioration
o  Longer lifetime
o  Smaller noise
  • Backlash-free movement resulting in

o  Very precise movements
o  No vibrations and resonances
  • Higher engagement factor resulting in

o  Smoother and steadier movements
o  Much more precise movements
o  Lower noise
o  Greater reliability
o  Cheaper raw material
o  More compact arrangement and smaller size
  • Large gearing ratio achieved via a less complex single-stage gearing arrangement
  • Smaller actuating torque
  • Changeable direction of rotation
  • Larger flexibility in design

This technology offers a fundamentally new alternative to current gearing and transmission technologies and it provides highly competitive solutions to practically all possible gearing and power transmission tasks and applications including


  • shaft geometries, arrangements and angles such as intersecting and evading shaft axes of any angles and also including parallel shafts
  • internal and external coupling arrangements
  • planetary drive arrangements
  • gear rack arrangements
  • roller types such as balls and cylinders etc.

Most of these features and advantages have already been proven in practice through prototype testing.