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Future Opportunities   

Advancing Technological Advantages  -  Start of a New Era  

The roller gearing and transmission technology is at an early stage of its developments now. It already shows major advantages compared to the current toothed-wheel and worm gear technologies but just as importantly it offers even more opportunities for further developments, improvements and optimisations in the future. It has the potential to result in a technological breakthrough and open a new era in gearing and power transmission technologies and to ultimately overcome the current technologies that have been with us for a hundred years by now.    


Growing Demand  

There is an increasing awareness and concern in the society and in the political arena in the world for energy economy. The effects of this are already apparent in tightening environmental legislation on energy efficiency and on environmental issues in general. As a result, there is a rapidly growing competition among vehicle manufacturers and others to develop environmentally friendly and energy efficient products. This creates major opportunities for the roller gearing and power transmission mechanism.